Eat.Lift.Thrive. with CE Exam

Eat.Lift.Thrive. with CE Exam


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    • Continuing education exam
    • NOTE: The text Eat. Lift. Thrive. is required for successful completion of this exam but is not included in this version. Purchase this version only if you already own the text or e-book.
    Consisting of 105 multiple-choice questions, this continuing education exam is designed to be taken after reading the Eat. Lift. Thrive. book. The exam will test your knowledge of the strategies presented in the book so you can apply the concepts to your clientele and pursue continuing education in the process.

    Learning Objectives
    After reading this book and successfully completing the 105-question multiple-choice exam, you will be able to do the following:
    • List methods of delayed gratification that help clients to develop discipline.
    • Describe the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.
    • Identify the types of support that can help clients reach their goals.
    • Describe the layers of the nutrition pyramid that contribute to simple, healthy eating habits.
    • List the living lean guidelines that support a healthy nutrition strategy.
    • Understand how the principle of moderation applies to healthy eating habits.
    • Explain how to use resistance training to optimize muscle growth and strength gains.
    • Create training programs that account for client lifestyle, environment, and preferences.

    About the Author

    Sohee Lee, CSCS, CISSN, is a health coach, researcher, and author who specializes in helping women develop healthy relationships with food and their bodies while reaching their fitness goals. She is pursuing her master’s degree in psychology at Arizona State University and earned her bachelor’s degree in human biology from Stanford University. Lee is interested in how the field of behavioral psychology can benefit the health and fitness industry.

    Lee is certified as a strength and conditioning specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CSCS), as a sports nutritionist through the International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN), and as a Strong First Girya (SFG) Level I instructor. She has trained clients at elite gyms such as Peak Performance (New York, New York), Cressey Sports Performance (Hudson, Massachusetts), and Tyler English Fitness (Avon, Connecticut) and has established her own fitness center, SoheeFit Systems (Phoenix, Arizona).

    Having battled anorexia and bulimia, Lee knows firsthand the toll disordered eating can take on a life. She seeks to explore the psychology behind habits and behavior change, particularly as they relate to food and exercise. Her mission is to empower women to practice compassion and grace with themselves in the gym, in the kitchen, and in life. A professional bikini competitor through the International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA) federation and an amateur powerlifter, Lee lends her inspirational perspective to major fitness outlets, including Oxygen Magazine,, and She self-published The Beginner’s Guide to Macros and Reverse Dieting and is coauthor of The Beginner's Guide to Bikini Competitions. She also cohosts Physique Science Radio with Dr. Layne Norton and maintains an active presence on social media.

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