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Triathlete's Edge Product


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    Triathlon coaching pioneer Marc Evans has trained pros and age-group triathletes for over 20 years, and he knows what it takes to be successful. His system is divided into phases that can be customized to fit various training seasons and racing objectives. The base preparation phase sets training goals and develops endurance, strength, flexibility, and technique. Base transition adds new workouts, introduces transitions, and increases the volume and intensity of your training. The third phase, race preparation, includes specific swim, bike, and run workouts tailored to your fitness level that will condition your body to put it all together in the approaching competition. The final phase, peak transition, prepares you physiologically and psychologically in a taper that will sharpen your body to peak on race day.

    Triathlete’s Edge contains much more than training programs. Complete assessment tools allow you to evaluate mobility, posture, gait, strength, and flexibility to make improvements through event-specific exercise drills. Swim instruction covers stroke improvement and hand entry techniques and offers tips on mass starts and exits. You’ll improve your position on the bike, perfect your posture, and study cadence and gearing on the bike. The running section will sharpen your efficiency with drills for arm movement, foot strike, and running stride.

    Evans reveals the professional training secrets that have defined him as the triathlon training authority. Mark Allen, Karen Smyers, Mike Pigg, and Sue Latshaw are just a few of the legendary triathletes who have benefited from Evans’ mentoring. Now you can incorporate his knowledge in your own training program to give yourself the triathlete’s edge!

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Technique and Skill Training
    Chapter 1. Assessing Your Triathlete Physique
    Chapter 2. Athletic Swimming
    Chapter 3. Pure Cycling
    Chapter 4. Effortless Running
    Chapter 5. Functional Strength and Triathlon Performance

    Part II: Your Training Program
    Chapter 6. Training With Intensity
    Chapter 7. Base Preparation Phase
    Chapter 8. Base Transition Phase
    Chapter 9. Race Preparation Phase
    Chapter 10. Peak Transition Phase
    Chapter 11. Race Day Readiness

    About the Author

    Marc Evans is a pioneer in coaching endurance athletes. He got his start in 1981 when he became triathlon's first professional coach. Since then he has coached professional and age-group Ironman winners, national champions, and hundreds of other top endurance athletes around the world. In addition to coaching, Evans has spread his training knowledge by authoring Endurance Athlete's Edge. In 1989 Evans was named U.S. national triathlon coach for the first World Triathlon Championships in Avignon, France. The following year he was appointed coach of the U.S. triathlon team at the Elite Performance Testing Series held at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

    Evans is the president of Marc Evans Coaching (, a sport performance coaching company specializing in individual training program design, coaching biomechanics, and exercise product design for endurance athletes. Well known for developing the table of periodization and inventing SPEEDO® SwimFoil, Evans continues to create new training techniques for both recreational and elite endurance athletes. He was presented the American Medical Athletic Association's Award of Excellence in 1992, and he was named Coach of the Year in 1990 by SECURA Insurance Company.

    Evans lives in northern California, where he enjoys telemark skiing, swimming, and playing golf.

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